AP410AC - Chargeur multifonctions (NiMH, LiFe, LiPo)


The Charger Pro-Tronik AP410AC to load packs bateries NiMh, LiPo or LiFe.

It has many automatic features that adjust the current and voltage during the charging / discharging elements.

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29,00 €

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Regarding the elements lithium, the charger uses a secure process significantly reducing the risk of overloading and explosions in general to user programming errors (only when using the balancing made of Lithium battery packs) .
Pro-Tronik charger uses the latest generation of balancing circuit allows it to check and balance in real time, each element Lithium to optimize and secure the charging process.

Input voltage: 110 to 240 V AC
Battery types: NiMH, NiCd, LiPo and LiFe
NiMH / NiCd cell count: 1 to 10
LiPo / LiFe cell count: 1 to 4 elements
Charge current range: 0,25 to 5,0 A
Charge power: 50 W max
Balancing current (LiPo / LiFe): < 500 mA max
Display: LED indicator status / LED indicator battery type / LED indicator Lipo-Life cells