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AP681BLC charger


This last generation powerful 80W charger allows you to charge and maintain all kinds of batteries in a good condition in a safer and efficient way. It also has an integrated remote controlled fan wich only turns on if charging current requires it.
It comes with all the necessary cables, covering most of the RC modelling requirements.

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50,00 €

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Balancing is very precise and will make your batteries cells live longer.

- 1-6 cells Li-Po / Li-Ion / Li-Fe
- 1 to 15 NiMH / NiCd
- Lead battery 2 to 20 V
- Charging current 0.1 A up to 6 A
- Integrated 300 mAh Balancer. Each cell voltage is factory set with precision.
- Backlit screen
- Integrated power supply
- Charge and 12V power supply cables.
- Dimensions : 135 x 112 x 61mm
- Weight: 490g

Comes with charging socket for:
- Dean plug
- JR connector (servo type)
- BEC plug
- Jack plug socket
- Banana plug (for lead acid battery)

Download the AP681BLC manual